Robbie Ripoll Melbourne FL


Read about me if you like :)

I Was born in in Plantation Florida, and have resided in FL the vast majority of my years. I am an internationally traveled and collected artist. When I was in elementary school my father began tattooing, so naturally I became a shop fixture. After years of begging and nagging at age 12 I became an informal tattoo apprentice. When I was 14 my dad did my first tattoo, and not long after, I gave my first tattoo to a friend. By the time I was 16, I was tattooing professionally. Due to a school program that allowed me part time school and full time work, I was able to devote a full 8 hour day to learning and cleaning around the shop.
All that hard work paid off. Before I was even out of high school I was tattooing at my family’s studio where I remained for 15 years. Throughout those years I began traveling the state, then the country, and the world, doing guest spots and conventions, to not only build up notoriety in the industry but to exchange knowledge and positivity amongst fellow artists, tattoo clients that otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it to me, and to collect awards for tattoos that I’ve done. I have surpassed my original goals as a young aspiring tattooer, despite all the trials and tribulations that life and this business can throw at you. Armed with the slogan “Always using LOVE as my #1 ingredient!!!”  I take the time to find out what you want and create for each individual and truly give a custom tattoo experience, because “I Give A Fuck”, a strong quality that I feel all tattoo artists should possess.  Nobody likes buying a brand new TV only to get it home and find out it doesnt work and has no warranty: which is a feeling I never want any of my clients to have!

    My life’s journey has been very interesting with all kinds of twists, turns, and wild card surprises! One such wild card surprise was appearing and competing on the number one Tattoo Television show, Spike TV’s Inkmaster! Boy, what a journey that was…never had I been emotionally torn to bits and taken completely out of my comfort zone quite like this.  It was all for the better though, as I was forced to view myself for all of the things I didn’t specifically love, and use that as an opportunity to rebuild myself as an artist, tattoo artist, father, husband, and all around human being!  The whole experience from, filming, to waiting until we could announce that we were on the show, to waitibf for the show to air, to the Finale in New York City was all kind of surreal and amzing and scary.  Yet, up on my top 5 Awesomest things ever under Being a dad and a husband to my amazing wife, Erika, who is also my assitant that you will be dealing with once you’ve decided that you can’t live without your dream tattoo by ME! The season of Inkmaster I was on is Inkmaster:Rivals with my brother as my Rival and YES our Rivalry is real.  Yes, I love my brother, and wish him nothing but happiness.  and YES, Inkmaster brought us both back for an ambush head to head on Inkmaster:Redemption  which is a spinoff series that revisits artist and clients for a fucked up mental obstacle course of redemption winning…I handled myself in the same manner as I do in my own studio on a daily basis  so I naturally left feeling like I earned my redemption!